Good sustainability practices

EDANA is the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries. Our diverse membership of more than 240 companies represents over 90% of the industry across the nonwovens value chain. This vertically integrated structure encompasses upstream suppliers, converters and producers. As a trade association this makes us unique, since our membership reflects our entire value chain.

Over time, manufacturers of nonwovens and related products have pursued sustainability through production efficiencies, significantly reducing energy demand and production waste by optimising production processes. EDANA and its members have a vested interest in making the most efficient use of energy and raw materials. Some of the raw materials employed in our products include pulp, rayon (viscose), cotton, recycled polymers and polymers from renewable and non-renewable resources.

Companies have already been driven to change the quantity and type of raw materials and energy sources for economic reasons and are regularly challenging the energy sources and raw materials they use and seeking to introduce new raw materials to reduce costs and deliver higher performance products. In our value chain most of the environmental impact is located upstream i.e. in the production of polymers or forestry-based feedstock. The production of nonwovens and their conversion into finished goods have historically been energy efficient.

Our members efforts towards sustainability