Promoting sustainability

EDANA is promoting sustainability through the integration of environmental, social and economic considerations into all aspects of our policies and activities. In order to contribute to a more sustainable industry we acknowledge and consider the impact of our decisions and actions beyond the gates of companies and the borders of our supply chain, and recognise that continuous improvement is essential.

The use of nonwovens has increased substantially in recent years and their benefits are present in almost every aspect of modern life. Nonwovens provide a multitude of benefits to society as a whole. Diapers, incontinence and feminine hygiene products make a huge contribution to the comfort and convenience of good hygiene for millions of people on a daily basis. Nonwoven surgical gowns and drapes help prevent infection in the operating theatre, while state-of-the-art short-use protective suits and masks protect against hazardous dusts and chemicals. Nonwoven filter media can improve both the purity of water and air quality, while absorbent nonwovens help clean up oil spills and geotextiles make our roads last longer, and buildings perform better.