Economic value-add of nonwovens

If we consider for example absorbent hygiene products, the manufacturers of these products represented by EDANA make an important economic and social contribution to Europe. The sector:

  • Employs over 100,000 people, about 20,000 of which are directly employed in the development, production and distribution of absorbent hygiene products;
  • Generates a similar level of employment upstream within raw materials supplier industries, not to mention those employed downstream in logistics and commercial operations;
  • Supports a network of suppliers and business partners researching and developing specialist equipment and materials, which in turn contribute to Europe's research capabilities and practical know-how;
  • Invests in over 50 manufacturing and development facilities in some 20 countries in the region;
  • Invests in new technology and infrastructure in the newly emerging economies of central and eastern Europe;
  • Generates revenues of over ten billion euros annually.

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