Responsible growth of the industry

Although the nonwovens sector has fared better than many in the recent economic crisis due to the essential nature of its products, it was not entirely immune to the recession. Naturally, some sectors suffered more than others. The automotive and construction sectors, for example, were affected by multi-digit declines in demand. In contrast, the demand for nonwoven materials, which have become irreplaceable for personal care, health, cleaning, filtration and protective applications, remained robust.

Future trends such as population growth, the increasing spending power of the middle class in emerging economies and ageing populations in developed economies, suggest that the nonwovens industry is poised for significant growth in the future. Embedding principles of responsible growth in our industry will be essential to maintaining our licence to operate. Our industry has placed significant focus on developing sustainable and more environmentally friendly products as it looks to growth in markets in Asia and South America.

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