Preventing waste

EDANA provides a platform for its members to communicate their efforts in the field of sustainability and to share best practices. By reducing the weight of the products and at the time increasing their performance, nonwovens and related products enable significant improvements in waste management. Thanks to lighter products, waste is prevented, and many nonwovens can be recycled and/or are made of recycled materials.

Throughout the value chain, companies have made significant efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated during production and to limit the weight of products which in turn become waste. The example of absorbent hygiene products shows a drastic reduction of the average weight of products. Today's products are designed to ensure the prudent and efficient use of natural resources.

Waste is a challenge at global level. Within the nonwovens and related industries, continuous efforts are made to reduce production waste and post-consumer waste through the reduction of the weight of the products while maintaining or increasing their performance.

Given the fact that for every product there is a limit to how far weight can be reduced, other possibilities are being explored, such as the use of alternative raw materials, compostable materials and recycling.

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