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Product stewardship

One of the key aspects of EDANA's mission over its 40 years of existence has been to provide the nonwovens industry with harmonised test methods. These constitute a common technical language for all interested parties to refer to when dealing with all important product features. Knowledge of the regulatory requirements in various parts of the world and more importantly, supporting the dialogue between suppliers and their customers in the supply chain are vital in today's environment. 

This is part of the product stewardship approach we encourage among our members.
Nonwovens and nonwoven-based products are used and almost universally accepted in a wide portfolio of applications such as hygiene, medical, personal protective equipment, packaging, agricultural, filtration, electrical and other industrial applications. 

The high quality and safety expectations of these products by consumers and regulators, and the emergence of new and complex regulations across the globe, and new sustainability requirements have affected the market. Businesses with the best prospects for success will be those that can adapt fast and efficiently to these new requirements. 

It is essential now more than ever for the nonwovens industry to ensure a continuous supply of high-tech and innovative products that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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