Health and hygiene

Over the past 50 years absorbent hygiene products such as baby diapers, incontinence products, feminine protection pads and personal care wipes have become essential features of modern day life in Europe and other developed markets. These products are so pervasive that they are now taken for granted by millions of people. Their increased use has been accompanied by dramatic improvements in skin health and hygiene; particularly in the incidence of diaper dermatitis (nappy rash). The ability of modern absorbent hygiene products to reduce leakage has also been important in preventing contamination and the transmission of infectious diseases.

Absorbent hygiene products and personal care wipes have an established safety profile and can therefore be used with absolute confidence to:

  • enhance the quality of life of babies, parents, women, disabled people, older people and their carers;
  • provide health and hygiene benefits such as drier skin, less diaper rash, reduced spread of infection and odour control;
  • provide increased comfort and discretion;
  • increase the independence, freedom of movement and dignity of their users.

The absorbent hygiene products industry in Europe is committed to the concept of sustainability and works hard to make a positive contribution to all aspects of sustainability, be they social, environmental or economic. Since we began reporting on the industry's sustainability performance in 2005, measurable improvements have been shown.

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